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Frequently Asked Questions

• How fast will the bikes go?    30 MPH • What is the fuel economy?    150 MPG / 75 miles to a tank of gas • Are the bikes street legal?    YES • Do the bikes have to be registered?  Not in most states/towns • How do you insure a Cheata Bike?  As an expensive bicycle (personal prop.) • Do your legs get hot from the motor?  NO • Does it fit on a bike rack?    YES. The rack has to support 68 lbs. • What is the rider weight limit?   Ideal is 230 lbs.  • Can the bikes be ridden off road?   YES. Trails / paths are recommended.   Some basic information that helps to answer most questions.   • All models have a top speed of 30 MPH (Governed by law) • All models get 150 MPG (bike holds ½ gallon = 75 miles per tank). • The engine is a 49cc / 4-stroke = no mixing of oil to gas. • The bikes are street legal in the bike lane or the car lane. • A motorcycle license/endorsement is not needed. • Most states do not require registration unless bicycles are required to be registered. • Always check with local municipalities for rules and regulations. State-by-state laws and info can be found at http://www.motorizedbicyclehq.com • A regular drivers license is required for operating motorized vehicle on public streets.  Primary Criteria that dictate the legal classification    • The engine is under 50cc. For Michigan: Has an engine that does not exceed 100 cc piston displacement. http://www.michigan.gov/sos/0,4670,7-127-16 • The top speed does not exceed 30 MPH • The bike has functioning pedals  Typical Rider Characteristics    • Cheata Bikes perform best for riders that are over 5’6” tall. Riders under 5’6” may prefer the basic seat (standard on Varuna) because it is lower. The height of the top of the frame (near the seat) is about 30” from the ground. • Cheata Bikes perform best for riders that weigh up to 230 lbs.
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